Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hawk.

The Hawk saga continues! lovely friend Roblin from Alaska showed up out of the blue (NYC is turning out to be a GREAT place to connect with friends from EVERYWHERE as they're always passing through), and we went to Prospect Park and I showed him the site of the Hawk attack AND the Hawk showed up! And THEN the Hawk found a dead rat within 10 feet of us and went and got it and then went up in a tree and gutted it as I took pictures and tried not to get hit with rat fur and tried to get the image of my Peaknuckle getting gutted out of my head.
Roblin was like, cool...
I squeeled.

SO! here's a picture of a rat (NOT MY PEAKNUCKLE!) getting gutted in Brooklyn. You can kinda see the back feet and tail of the rat, hanging over the branch.


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