Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hawks and Such

I'd better communicate with you all sooner than later to make sure you know that I've

moved to New York City .

my first day in NYC, on my 1/3 of a 99 year old birthday is marked with...lots of irony and intrigue.

1. Let's just say that I am hesitant to email my new address, as I don't really like it. Yet. It's a flop house for international artists and aside from a perfect location and perfect cheap price ($600) it's less than perfect and wasn't stocked with TP my first night.

And then the bed. the room is SUPER SMALL with a bed that's narrower than sleeping on a fence. I knew the room was going to be small...but the bed is REALLY small and slanted...but at least it slants INTO the wall so that i stay in the bed.

2. And then there's the maiden 'walk in the park' with my chihuahua- who has lived for seven years in ALASKA without an eagle incident. So I'm walking with him across a large field (in Prospect Park , Brooklyn ) and I see the shadow of a bird flying over us and I think to myself..."I must be a crow, huh, wait, it's coming quite close, but there's no EAGLES here, wait! that HAWK is going for my little DOG!"

So I Scream at it and run at it and it flies up to a tree. I pick Peaknuckle up, hold him, look around to make sure I AM in NYC and then put him down to get my leash out and the F'ing hawk starts out of the tree towards us again. And so i carry Pea out of the park until we reach the safety of the pavement...



What the?!

3. Then I get a call that the gig that i had had for monday cancels on me. Flakes out really. But I could do it in March if I'd like.

4. The bike shop that has my bike and was going to have my bike ready for me by this morning has had it's gate down all morning...the ONE thing that I wanted to have for my favorite bike.

5. It's only 2:25pm. thank GOD there's not a #5 yet. I feel crammed, crooked, small and alone. But I'm made of rubber. I will bounce.

So. thanks for reading. Venting is the only thing that i can do to stay sane in a very big city with a very small vulnerable little dog on my birthday.

i miss the alaskan ease.